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Wedding Countdown! 5 Weeks - Save the Date(s)

Updated: May 12, 2021

For today's countdown, we'll be taking a look backward, rather than forward. While brainstorming blog topics, I noticed our save the date(s) were never shared on my site! I absolutely LOVED the way both our save the date and change the date turned out and couldn't help but give them a blog post of their own.

Save the Date

Our first save the date was sent in July 2019 for our original May 2020 wedding date. We were super excited to send our first wedding-related item to family and friends! I starting by searching Pinterest for inspiration. I really gravitated toward the bright and airy theme and decided on this for our own.

After narrowing in on the theme, I began planning our outfits. I found this beautiful lace dress on an online boutique and had to have it! It was so elegant and bridal. It's no longer available, so I'm linking a similar option here. Since the first dress was quite fancy, I started searching for a more relaxed second look. While my future sister-in-law and I were at Target, I found this great relaxed maxi-dress. It's also no longer available so I've linked other options here and here. Both dresses were at great price points and could easily be worn again for another wedding event. I kept Jordan's outfits simple and bright. Not too much fuss here and he already had everything in his closet. Super easy!

My sister is a wedding photographer for Emily Jean Photography and offered to take the photographs for us. We agreed on a summer Sunday night and that I would find the location. That morning, I still hadn't found the perfect spot for the photos. While leaving church, I noticed a big green field next to the parking lot that would work great! We came back that evening and shot for less than 30 minutes. Can't even tell we're in a field next to a parking lot in the photos.

To make the shoot a little more fun, I grabbed a "Mr. and Mrs." balloon, an engagement ring balloon, and my favorite Verdi Spumante champagne last minute. My mom had champagne flutes we borrowed, so it was an inexpensive add on that made the shoot more unique. Amazon also has cute inexpensive options linked here.

I found this great layout on Minted (this link gets you $25 off). They turned out exactly how I was envisioning!

Check out my sister's blog post on the photoshoot here as well.

Change the Date

Our second save the date was sent in May 2020 for our newly postponed wedding date of September. Again, I went straight to Pinterest for ideas. After a bit of research, I decided to find a change the date that was simplistic and would coordinate with our wedding colors - black, white, and gold.

Since we went all out for our first save the date, we decided to keep things simple this time around. I remembered seeing cute postcards on Minted and found one that matched our theme perfectly. We had such great photos from our engagement shoot with Indie Pearl Photography, we decided to simply select one of our favorites. We included a note to guests and directed them to our wedding website for additional details. I love how these turned out!

If you'd like to see more, check out my blog from our Florida engagement photoshoot or the blog from our photographer.

The save the date and change the date cards could not have turned out better. Minted made it super easy both times. I had a lot of fun customizing the designs and making them work for our occasion. If you haven't tried Minted before, I highly recommend it!

Minted Link for $25 off:

5 weeks to go...



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