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Wedding Countdown! 6 Weeks - Celebrating Amidst Confliction

Updated: May 12, 2021

Happy Monday everyone! I have to admit - I faced today with conflicted feelings. I'm typically not a fan of weekends coming to a close. Heading into a routine and back to work has always felt somber to me. On the other hand, I've been excited to write and connect with all of you again since publishing the first blog in this new countdown series.

In the same way, I think a lot of us are feeling conflicted when it comes to celebrations during this new normal we're living through. This weekend, I attended the best bridal-bridal-baby shower there ever was. This was my first time attending a celebration since Covid started cancelling events a few months ago.

It was so amazing to see family members we haven't seen since Spring and enjoy one another's company. It felt awesome to be celebrating big moments and focusing on the good in life. When I arrived home from the shower, I was feeling so thankful and happy we were able to connect and take time to make memories together.

While Jordan and I started unpacking gifts and sorting through tissue paper, I mentioned it feeling strange to be celebrating and somewhat moving past the funk I have been in since March. While settling in for the night, I read a Facebook post that caused me to pause and reflect.

My friend Stephanie, who is a fellow entrepreneur and Fall of 2020 client wrote a great caption that captured so many of our emotions. I wanted to share my encouragement to those who may be considering cancelling celebrating momentous occasions during this time. If I have learned one lesson from this all, its that God will continue to bless us, even amidst a storm.

If you have a big or little moment happening in your life or a friend's, celebrate it! The celebration itself may look different, but there are moments in life we only get to experience once. Its so important we help others feel special and loved. Every event matters and you will never regret making someone feel special and loved.

6 weeks to go...



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