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Wedding Countdown! 7 Weeks - Venue and Tasting

Updated: May 12, 2021

The countdown is officially (back) on! Just typing "7 weeks" made our day feel that much closer. If you've been following our journey, my fiancé Jordan and I made the decision to cancel our May destination wedding and re-plan an entirely new celebration here in our hometown four months later.

Obviously, this isn't the ideal situation and it isn't quite the "norm" either. One of the things I've been finding myself most thankful for is the community of brides I get the opportunity to know through being a makeup artist. Each time I connect with one of my sweet clients we chat (rant), give updates about our weddings (vent profusely), and bond over what we're going through together.

My most recent bride encouraged me to put my thoughts to paper and share updates as our wedding day approaches. Since today (Monday, July 20th) is exactly 7 weeks away from our big day, I thought it would be the perfect time to start fun weekly updates! I'll be sharing random tidbits about where we are in the planning process and how we're feeling as the new wedding date draws closer.

At this point in the ever-evolving journey, we've had the opportunity to finalize key points with our new venues and reception food. The wedding ceremony will be hosted at a beautiful park outside with an abundance of natural light and a gorgeous back drop of the Mississippi River. Please send an extra prayer for nice weather and a good breeze that day!

Recently I took an afternoon with Jordan and my sister Emily to visit the ceremony space and its coordinator. We mapped out how the space will be arranged and a few key details. Lucky for us, the coordinators are amazing and will take care of mostly everything else. One thing I'm still deciding is our ceremony music. I love 'How Long Will I Love You' by Ellie Goulding and 'I Get to Love You' by Ruelle. Both instantly make me teary eyed. Which do you like best?!

Our second venue, The Charmant Hotel, is for getting-ready and the reception. I had the privilege of working at this gorgeous hotel during my freshman year of college. When I first started, it was still under construction and not yet open to the public. Ever since, I've been in love with its history, atmosphere, and charm. I can't wait to create lifelong memories in one of La Crosse's best locations.

The final update I'll share tonight is obviously the most important... food! Jordan and I asked both of our moms to join us for our food tasting at The Charmant this week. We love our moms and it was a really fun way to involve them in wedding planning.

We had a great time trying different courses and giving our opinions on what we liked best. We are no food critics by far, but it was a fun night to relax, enjoy each others company, and eat amazing food. I have to say, my favorite was dessert. Take a look at the delicious mousse pictured below!

So tell me - what was the BEST food you've ever had at a wedding? Do people really remember it that well? Let me know your thoughts!

7 weeks to go...



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