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Beautiful Fall Wedding at Serenity Hills - MN Bride, Erin

This September, I had the honor to be part of the most immaculate wedding day. The bride, Erin, embodied everything an ideal MBSK bride is - kind, excited to be married, and trusting of her team of vendors. She was super easygoing and we developed a great working relationship. She felt like more of a friend than a client by the time she was ready to walk down the aisle.

The day started by meeting at their wedding venue, the stunning Serenity Hills Pavilion in Preston, MN. Shoutout to this venue, which has an expansive getting-ready space just across the gravel road. Getting ready on site is a small detail that makes a big difference on a wedding day!

Being on-site allows the vendor team to work efficiently while you still have access to your venue's amenities. Our work turns out seamless and you and your bridal crew have the best start to your day!

Erin and her entire bridal crew wanted a cohesive, glam look. Having them all choose to be pampered and glammed by me created the elevated feel and theme Erin was after. Even the moms were treated like royalty and glammed for the day!

For Erin's bridal look, we highlighted her natural features while also matching the color-scheme and vibe of the wedding day. She was set up for success, understanding the importance of finding inspiration photos from my previous work. Erin stayed clear from Pinterest or finding photos of models of celebrities. She saved several posts from my Instagram with matching characteristics and we got to work crafting the perfect look.

We opted for the most beautiful warm tones, drawing inspo from the bridesmaid dresses and the gorgeous floral pieces. Just the right amount of drama and medium-coverage foundation were selected. I wanted her beautiful freckles to still shine through! Paired with a natural warm mauve lip, her look photographed just as beautifully as it looked in person. Absolutely breathtaking!

Having a bride not only look, but feel exceptional on their day is always my top priority. Erin was so willing and trusting, granting me creative freedom to create a look fit for her. Having that support allowed me to run with my abilities, making this experience an absolute homerun for everyone!

A huge thank-you and congratulations to Erin, Colton, and their entire bridal crew. I am wishing you all the best and can't wait till we work together again!



Showcased Vendors:

Bridesmaid Dresses: Revelry

Jewelry: Olive and Piper

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