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Happy Anniversary, Jordan! - 8 Things I Love About You

I can hardly believe it's officially been eight years since Jordan and I started dating. EIGHT YEARS! Somehow it feels like forever, but also a blink of an eye. I can still picture Jordan, a nervous fifteen year old saying, "Sarah, will you be my girlfriend?!" He had a smile on his face I hope I never forget.

Since 2012, we have certainly had our fair share of trials and experiences with one another. No matter what the year would bring, we would always celebrate December 26th as the very special day that our relationship started. Today is a very special anniversary, as its our first anniversary married. When I think about the two of us as fifteen year olds, I start to laugh because I can't believe these two fools in this photo have grown to be the two of us.

To celebrate today, I wanted to gift Jordan with something unique. What could be better than a walk down memory lane you ask?! Absolutely nothing! Here are my eight favorite qualities about Jordan/our relationship to celebrate eight awesome years together. Many more to come...

Happy Anniversary, Jordan!

1. Guaranteed to Put A Smile On My Face

During the hard days when I'm really upset or feeling down, Jordan is somehow always able to put a smile on my face. It's like he has a "smile guaranteed" factor about him that I just love.

2. Best Travel Partner

Jordan is the absolute best travel partner. I have always had big dreams to travel around the world and he 100% encourages me, as long as he can ride shotgun, right there next to me. We have plans to take on all 50 states and beyond. We love to adventure together!

3. Has a Giver's Heart

I swear there isn't a day that goes by that Jordan isn't lending a hand to a family member or friend. He's always willing to help people and has such a giver's heart. How could you not adore someone like that?!

4. A Compassionate and Positive Friend

Jordan is the absolute best friend. I can speak volumes to this since we've known each other since first grade. He is always so thoughtful and holds his friends very close. He's up to date on what everyone is doing and loves to spend time with his friends.

5. A Committed Soulmate

This guy is the absolute best soulmate I could ask for! He's so committed to me and our family. He's super hard working and only wants the best for us.

6. Loving and Trustworthy Partner

As you can imagine, Jordan and I have been through A LOT since we were just fifteen. One of the biggest things I have always treasured is how much I can trust this man. His opinions, morals, beliefs... whatever the case, I know I can always put my faith and trust in him.

7. Sense for Adventure

There are so many reasons I love Jordan's hunger for adventure. In 2012, I had no idea what I was in for, but I can assure you I haven't been bored since. Jordan always has such great ideas and pushes me to go for our dreams. Flipping cars, major house projects, switching jobs, traveling... the list is endless!

8. Our Hopes for the Future

While anniversaries typically bring reflection on the past, I wanted to also take note of the future. Jordan is definitely a visionary and never stops talking about future plans and ideas. It's so exciting to be thinking about all the things will we take on together in the future. I can't wait!

Happy Anniversary, Jordan! I love you so much and am so proud of this life we've built together.

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