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Hello Entrepreneurship! Goodbye 9-5...

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

I can't believe I am finally sharing the news! Throughout 2020, I was praying daily for the Lord to show me the next step for my life. I had been working in Human Resources for the past two years, while also running my business.

When news of Covid broke in March, I felt more lost in what to do than ever before. I had thoughts on pursuing my business and a notebook full of ideas ready to go. At that time, plans would need to be put on hold. The summer of 2020, the Lord blessed my business with a full wedding season. My husband and I were replanning our own wedding and going through the same craziness my clients were experiencing.

That summer/fall, I created deep connections with my clients. We bonded over the terrible situation we are all working through. It was the greatest thrill to help these women feel excited and beautiful on their very special day. A day they had cried and stressed over for months.

At this time, I felt the Lord planting thoughts of moving my business forward again. I felt conflicted over leaving my corporate job and all the great friends I had made there. At the same time, an old friend from the beauty industry was graduating with her certificate in Esthiology. She shared with me how much she enjoyed the program and how she thought I would too.

Before I had attended UW-La Crosse several years ago, I had actually looked into this same program. That week, I decided to review it once more. The week of Christmas, I had a conversation with their Admissions department who shared the next program would be starting in just under 3 short weeks.

Since the start of 2020, I had been praying for the Lord to show me a sign for my next step in life. I looked at the calendar and noticed if I were to start this program, I would need to give a two week notice at my current job. God gave me the sign I had asked for when I realized I would be able to give my two week notice that next Monday and still have time to sign up for school.

I put my faith in God's plan. I talked it over with both sides of our family, who all agreed it was an amazing opportunity. That following Monday, I submitted my two week resignation and yesterday I had my last day. Next Monday, I start classes and will be a certified Esthetician by the end of this summer.

2020 was a wild year, but I am thankful for it. The Lord moved my heart in ways He hadn't before. I learned to trust him more and to look for His direction in my life. My husband and I are extremely excited for this new road ahead!

If you haven't yet, "like" and share my social pages with all of your friends. In 2021, my word for the year will be "adventure." You can expect more blogs, videos, behind the scenes of what I'm learning at school, and a whole lot more!

I am so excited and nervous for this new adventure ahead.

Buckle up, everyone! Things are about to get very exciting...

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