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NEW PUPPY! Meet Our Goldendoodle

Hey friends! It's been far too long since I wrote my last blog post. Now that our wedding has past, life has gotten busy and I've taken time away from writing. Today I'm back with a VERY special (and mighty cute) announcement... our new puppy Kaia!

Two weeks ago Jordan and I finally got to pick her up and bring her home. Many of you heard that we were expecting to bring home a puppy from the same breeder last December. We had given our deposit; however, the breeder called on our honeymoon saying it was unsuccessful. We decided to move to their next available litter, which is the one we got Kaia from. It actually turned out better this way, since bringing a puppy home late April is a little easier than cold December.

So why a Goldendoodle?! Neither Jordan or I grew up with a dog, but we absolutely LOVE the Goldendoodles both my brother and uncle own. Goldendoodles are very intelligent, friendly, and extremely loving dogs. Kaia is a cross between and auburn Goldendoodle and a white miniature Goldendoodle. She should be around 35-40 pounds full grown and would be considered "medium sized."

She's only been home with us for two weeks, but we have been having SO much fun! She's definitely given us a run for a money in terms of all the the time and attention she needs. BUT I will say, it has been worth every second. She's very energetic and loves attention. She goes wherever the people are and likes to be around whatever is happening at the moment.

Since Kaia won't be this small forever, I've been trying to get cute pictures of her as a puppy. She's on the move so much that all my iPhone pictures are blurry or don't have her looking. My sister Emily, from Emily Jean Photography, offered to snap a few cute pics at our home and did an absolutely AMAZING job capturing this little cutie! It got way too "newborn session" fast, but they turned out so hilarious.

If you want to see more of Kaia, make sure to follow me on both my personal Instagram account, as well as my business account. I have a feeling she'll be making frequent appearances on both. :)

Photographer: Emily Jean Photography

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