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Ladies Night - Manifesting & Vision Board Class

Wowee! I am blown away by the first "Ladies Night" event hosted in the new studio. 13 wonderful women gathered for a night of connection, intentionality, and self-care.

The event began with delicious snacks and beverages, while introducing ourselves to one another. Multiple connections were made between the women. It was amazing to see how easily friendships were forming!

I then gifted each attendee a gift bag, as my way of saying thank you. This was my official first "Ladies Night" event and I couldn't thank these women enough for filling the class!

Stephanie Ross then began the class on the power of manifesting. She shared the history and science behind the practice, while the class echoed their own experiences with it.

We then spent time in a calm reflection, envisioning our best selves and how to show up as them. We were given prompts to easily put our thoughts to paper. After reflection, we got to work finding images and quotes to match what we had envisioned.

The room filled with magazine clippings, chatter on each woman's prompts, and so much laughter. Having the space full of women connecting was so refreshing. It was exactly what I had envisioned having a space like this would be like. Talk about full circle manifestation!

I would like to thank Stephanie for leading such an awesome first "Ladies Night" event in the new studio! It most certainly will not be the last.

If you are interested in joining future events at the studio, click here. I'd love to have you!

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