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Wedding Countdown! 1 Week - Rolled Ankles and Final Details

Updated: May 20, 2021

1 WEEK! 1 WEEK, PEOPLE! Can we believe it?! This week has been feeling so surreal. I genuinely cannot believe we are seven short days from our wedding. Both Jordan and I are feeling so happy, excited, and ready for the day. We have been through a lot in 2020 and to finally reach the week of the big celebration feels like the last lap of a terrible marathon. But we've made it! We officially have arrived at wedding week and we couldn't be happier.

This week has been wild one. I have been so surprised by the amount of questions and details that come up this close to the wedding day. Even for a planner like me, there is still so much left to decide. I'm trying to remind myself that anything from here on out is just details and doesn't truly matter.

I am also focusing on spreading the wealth of my to-do list and giving others tasks, rather than doing them myself. I can easily become overwhelmed and really enjoy being in control, so this has been hard for me. I know I will be thankful and less stressed in the long run. My main focus for this last week is to be happy and excited, not stressed or concerned. There are so many awesome people willing to help, so I'm learning to lean on others a little more than usual. Highly recommend during wedding planning!

Aside from focusing on less stress, I've also taken the week to focus on myself and things I enjoy. I visited my hair stylist Lexi at The Metropolitan Salon and Spa for a final hair color and touch-up. We decided to add a darker blonde and tone my hair to be a bit more of my natural color. I absolutely love how it turned out! I feel so much more likely myself as a darker blonde.

I've also been finalizing silly things like the nail color I want to wear. I chose OPI's "Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs." from Ulta today. There were other colors I liked as well, but I couldn't resist the cute wedding name. It will be fun to have that as a little keepsake and think of the wedding when I wear it again in the future.

Timelines have been sent to everyone. The seating arrangement is finally finished thanks to an amazing tip I found on Pinterest. We are in pretty good shape (knock on wood)!

Sadly, we did have one down fall of this week... literally. Sunday, as I was leaving the front steps of Jordan's house, my darn Birkenstock slipped and so did I. Jordan and I both started laughing and also immediately panicking. We were laughing while looking at my ankle because we were just joking about how many things have gone wrong with our wedding. It's now this running joke we have every time something gets messed up (like the broken shoe in my last blog). Either way, I'm taking extra ibuprofen and icing to kick this rolled ankle to the curb. I will limp down that aisle if I have to! :)

1 week to go...



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