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You're Engaged! Top 5 Things to Do First

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Congratulations - you're engaged! This is a moment you and your partner have been talking about for months. Where it will happen, what the ring will look like... but now that your resounding "YES!" has been shouted from the roof tops, what happens next?

After 5 months of engagement, my fiancé Jordan and I have a few recommendations to make the most of the experience, starting with the most important...

1. Soak in the Moment A proposal is an exciting, tremendous, and sometimes overwhelming experience. Take your time soaking in all of the feels by allowing yourself to scream, cry, and hug your partner uncontrollably. Soon enough the big news will spread, so savor this moment together.

2. Take Photos Our engagement took place during a photoshoot (very clever Jordan); however, if you're like most couples, it doesn't. Even if the actual proposal itself isn't captured, take several photos together, of the spot they proposed, and of your new engagement ring. This is a moment you want to capture!

3. Pray Together After Jordan proposed, my family threw an impromptu engagement party. In just a matter of hours, the house was filled with family and friends celebrating the news. Before anyone arrived, I grabbed Jordan and said "let's pray." We found a quiet room in the house, held hands, and bowed our heads. For us, it was a top priority to thank God for the amazing moment we were having and ask that He bless our engagement.

4. Write the Story Every couple has intentions to remember pivotal moments in their relationship. While the big picture is remembered, small details are easily forgotten. After our proposal, Jordan and I typed the story of how it all happened. Though its only been five months, rereading our story reminds me of details that have already began to slip. I also love how Jordan included moments I didn't experience, like buying the ring and asking my parents' permission. I can't wait to read and reminisce the story 50 years from now!

5. Share the News The last and final tip is entirely up to each couple's personal preference! Jordan and I were both adamant about telling as many people in person/over FaceTime as we could. We began by telling our immediate family members at the engagement party and videochatting extended family and friends. We videotaped several calls to remember their sweet reactions - priceless!

Remember, this time is about you and your partner! Take time to enjoy the moments and the excitement ahead. You're in for a wild ride!

Our Engagement Announcement: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxIFRlBBUwMxyystJlRCBQZz8GujkJTjsC4Uzc0/?igshid=k31tw4amjtfw

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