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How to Prep - Bridal Crew Application 🙌💄💯

Updated: Apr 11

So many responsibilities come with being a member of the bridal crew. We know you’ve done an amazing job supporting the soon-to-be married couple and helping prep all of the wedding things. Now it’s your turn to receive some well-deserved pampering with an professional makeup application by MBSK!

Your one-on-one makeup application is all about making you feel beautiful. You'll feel 100% confident walking down the aisle, being in lots of photos, and dancing the night away with friends and family.

Here are a few things you can do to help your makeup application go as smooth as possible and to help us nail the look you’re envisioning for this important day:

1. Please arrive with a clean face. No makeup residue or thick skincare products is best! This ensures we can start your makeup right away, stay on schedule, and that your makeup will sit the most beautiful on your skin. A light moisturizer is fine, but we will be doing all of the necessary skin prep for your makeup application.

2. Wear a comfy, loose-fitting top. A button-up is usually the way to go! This is the best solution so your professional makeup (and hair) doesn’t get messed up when it’s time to change into your wedding-day outfit.

3. Have at least one inspiration photo you love (preferably from MBSK’s Instagram) prepped on your phone. Terms like “full-glam” and “natural” mean something different from person to person, so this visual helps us get a better idea of the look and vibe you're going for so we can deliver!

That’s it! You’ve already done all of the hard work, and now it’s time to sit back, relax, and let us take over. We can’t wait to pamper you!

Bridal Crew on Wedding Day
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