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Engagement Photos: Tips, Tricks, + Our Photos

Updated: Apr 11

Engagement sessions can be exciting and somewhat scary. Getting your fiancé to dress up, smile pretty, and not look stiff - definitely not an easy task! While the photoshoot requires extra effort, these images represent you as a couple and will be treasured forever. No pressure, right?!

Jordan and I truly enjoyed the experience of having our engagement photos taken. We followed tips from our photographer and friends, and want to pass that same knowledge on to you! Follow these three tips for a successful engagement shoot with images you are sure to love.

1. Hire Hair and Makeup Professionals

Being in front of the camera is intimidating, especially when you are questioning your hair and makeup. While it may be obvious to some, please do not overlook these important aspects of your look. You want to be 100% confident, not channeling your inner-cosmetologist on such an important day.

As a makeup artist myself, I highly encourage hiring professional vendors. This is a GREAT time to trial run a potential wedding day look and a stylist. Trust the professionals and take the burden off of yourself. You deserve it!

If professionals are unavailable or not in your wedding budget, do not neglect practicing beforehand. Begin by practicing the look several times, at least a week before your engagement shoot.

2. Prepare a Comfortable and Confident Wardrobe

Begin planning outfits a month before your photoshoot. It’s important to start early to allow room for shopping or ordering items online. Now is not the time to run store to store or be stalking an Amazon tracking number!

When creating your looks, choose pieces you and your partner both love. For example, Jordan and I would live in American Eagle jeans if we could. For our photoshoot, we treated ourselves to a new pair because we knew we would be happy with the look and feel good in them. Another popular idea is to include both a dressy and more casual look. This is a great idea, but remember to ultimately be yourselves! If you never wear nylons or a suit and tie, now is not the time to play dress-up. Instead, try including add-ons like a jacket, scarf, or jewelry. They can be included for some time and removed later for more casual images. Variety is great!

4. Let Your Love Show

If you typically shy away from PDA, now is the time to step out of your comfort zone. To find those natural 'lovey-dovey' feelings, Jordan and I chatted about our relationship on the way to our engagement shoot. A few examples to get those feelings flowing can include sharing:

- the wedding day moment you are looking forward to the most

- characteristics you love about one another

- the moment you knew they were "the one"

- how you describe your partner to people who don't know them

- goals you hope to accomplish as a couple

Once you arrive at your photoshoot, show affection like you would any other day. Call each other by nickname, nuzzle noses - whatever feels comfortable for you. We also made a point to trust our photographer, lean into her suggestions, and allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Remember, your relationship is true and real. Be yourselves and show your partner some love!

Location: Rosemary Beach, Florida

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